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The power of eating properly is unprecedented, for us and for them, good food is good life
















"No disease that can be treated by diet should be treated with any other means."

Background & History

Throughout 99% of our history on planet Earth, dogs have been fed what we feed ourselves, in addition to this, they readily adapt to our life styles, either because we have so decided or external conditions had forced us to go a different way.


Through this perspective, we can more easily understand that in the world we live today, any decision, or indecision, or influence we may be under, directly affects our animal companions.


Foods today are not quite the same quality we used to have not that long ago in our evolution, we used to eat local produce, fresher and freer or chemical substances that one way or another alter its composition and ours too.


Nowadays we eat "faster" foods that lack true nutritional value and are for the most part synthetic. In this trend we are dragging our animals too. You take the most expensive bag of dog food in your local store, and it will not even remotely compare to a simple fresh meal prepared by you at home.


Better foods for you and your dog benefits your bodies and over time it saves you loads of money otherwise invested in healthcare, medication and doctors.


Why do we feed kibble to our dogs?

Dogs eat what we eat, from time immemorial our loving companions have nothing but endured with us all changes that the environment presents to us. SEE VIDEO


Success stories

Read about some amazing stories of miraculous recovery. READ MORE


What it can do for your pet...

  • Energy will boost through the roof.
  • Coat will shine and look natural and clean.
  • By starting with young puppies you can be certain that visits to your local vet will be but a few.
  • Common parasites like fleas and ticks detest a healthy pet.
  • Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.
  • Renal failure, cystitis, feline urolithiasis, urinary incontinence.
  • Hepatic disorders like cholecystitis and choleasthasis.
  • Cognitive dysfunction behavior, anxiety and aggression.
  • Cancer.
  • Coughing, dyspnea, asthma, and respiratory allergy.
  • Congestive heart failure and edema.
  • Endocrine conditions like Cushing, Addison, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Infertility and pancreatitis and diabetes.

Is food therapy for your animal?

Food therapy  and TCVM in general can benefit all life stages (juvenile, adult, and senior) and a vast variety of conditions. Determining and resolving the underlying reasons for illnesses is one of the aspects of TCVM’s approach that can reduce the cumulative effect of chronic ailments.


Since most pets’ health problems are diagnosed once illness has become very advanced, it’s vital to strive to prevent dis- ease from occurring in the first place.


The preventive approach of TCVM takes into account the constitutional type of each patient, allowing the practitioner to treat conditions even before they manifest themselves.

What is traditional Chinese veterinary medicine?

Contribution by Dr. Schmidt

What is laser therapy?

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